Methane Hydrate are a Promising New Energy Source

2015_01_06_flammable ice

Methane hydrates are getting increased attention as a major new source of clean hydrocarbon energy. These enormous deposits of natural gas have never been developed commercially, but research and development has been promising, and expectations are that the gas could begin coming to market within a decade. Known as flammable ice, methane hydrates are molecules […]

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GE and Statoil Announce Collaboration

General Electric (GE) and Norway’s Statoil have announced a strategic collaboration to advance more environmentally friendly and economically sustainable technologies for oil and gas production. GE and Statoil have a long history of working together and both share a commitment to improving their environmental footprints. The program is focused on technology innovation that will allow […]

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Canadian Gas Association Embraces Renewable Natural Gas


The Canadian Gas Association, a leading industry trade group, issued a report in December 2014 promoting renewable natural gas in Canada. Titled, “Renewable Natural Gas Technology Roadmap for Canada,” the report offers very aggressive support for biomethane production as a means to both reduce waste and greenhouse gases while developing an underutilized renewable resource. According […]

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Impact of Falling Oil Prices on LNG

The recent surprise drop in crude oil prices are having big impacts on international LNG prices and may cause a slowdown in the development of LNG export terminals globally. LNG is liquefied natural gas, cooled to a temperature of -260° F, for the purpose of compression and transportation. International shipments of LNG by container ship […]

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Coal Fleet Retirements in the USA

2015_01_07_Brayton Point

The coal power industry is under pressure from numerous fronts. Against a background of soft demand, competitive natural gas prices and growing capacity from renewables, the coal power industry is facing a series of major environmental regulations that are forcing power plant owners to either invest in major upgrades or shut down underperforming plants. New […]

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Current Policies Supporting Renewable Natural Gas

What is remarkable from this list is how little policy support there is for RNG compared to other renewable energy sources and biofuels. The most significant Federal support comes from the Renewable Fuels Standard which is intended to support ethanol, including both corn ethanol and cellulosic ethanol. Production of cellulosic ethanol has been extremely disappointing, […]

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